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Amethyst Hall is one of the resident hostels in Pan-Atlantic University. Birthed by a BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) partnership with the university, we are set out on a journey to provide affordable student residences. Because it is only accessible to males, the hall has been specifically designed and filled with everything a male student needs.

Student Community
Technology & Infrastructure
Lead by Example

Every Amethyst hostel occupant is a potential leader. Our values ensure that residents take Responsibility for learning and living. We offer support at every step in their journey to becoming future leaders.


We have carefully provided a sustainable environment for student residents. Through our sustainability strategy, we aim to be a role model for the university hostel systems and motivate others to adopt this course of providing environments where student learning and living can thrive.

Social Responsibility

Our residents are responsibile for their actions. It is morally binding on everyone to act in such a way that the people immediately around them are not adversely affected. It is a commitment everyone has towards the society – contributing towards social, cultural and educational causes.

Focus on the Future

At Amethyst, our students are constantly geared for and aiming at the future best. Our obligation is to provide this conducive environment where such thoughts and dreams for a great future is fostered.

Strive for Excellence

Striving for excellence does not mean that you must be perfect. It means that you use your talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible. Our ethics at Amethyst hall preaches excellence, from the resident students to the committed staff, everyone is bound to strive for excellence.

Moral Values

The future of our country depends on the moral values imparted on the young folks in their student life. Moral lessons are part of what we will implement alongside the educational values that our student residents will benefit from.

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